Every companies have different departments.1 Every departments have different goals and operating procedures. But to a customer, they don’t see these different departments – they only see one company.  So, it’s very important everyone in the company work as a team.  Finding the key for team work success can beContinue Reading

Listening is an obvious skill everyone must have.  In business, it’s especially critical.  Companies must listen to their customers.  Supervisors must listen to their subordinates.  Peers must listen to each other.  The key is removing the emotions and focus on the following actions: Evaluate the need to listen. Manage internalContinue Reading

Throughout my years of doing tech support, I learned a few things about doing the job, without driving myself (or the customer) crazy.  Here are a few action plans: Always stay calm. Be helpful to customers.  Ninety-nine percent of the time, customers are nicer when they are given options toContinue Reading